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What were you doing in 1936?

Blanche C. Gregory was busy being a pioneer in reverse.  She moved East after completing her degree in journalism and founded her agency in the publishing mecca of New York.  She was a charter member of the Society of Authors' Representatives (SAR), now the Association of Authors' Representatives (AAR).

    This agency is a privately held corporation that vigorously promotes the writings of a select group of authors.  Continuing Blanche's policy, we keep our client list small so that each author receives personal attention.

    We are interested in adult fiction and nonfiction.  Children's literature will be considered.


International Affiliations include:

Michelle Lapautre Agency
Germany: Mohrbooks
Holland and Sweden: Lijnkamp Literary Agency
Italy: ALI (Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale)
Spain: Carmen Balcells Agency
U.K.: Sara Menguc (formerly with Murray Pollinger and David Higham Associates)
Israel: I. Pikarski Ltd.
Eastern Europe including Russia: Prava I Prevodi and Lex Copyright
Brazil: BMSR (Balcells, Mello & Souza Riff)
Japan: Japan UNI
Taiwan: Bardon Chinese Media Agency

    Blanche C. Gregory Inc. is widely
known for its strength in the international
literary marketplace.

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